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+ add - subtract | weekly planner 2024

+ add - subtract | weekly planner 2024

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  • Planner from January to December 2024
  • Weekly planner
  • Annual view
  • Monthly goals
  • Notes



  • dimensions: 13x20cm
  • cover: paper 300gr with lavender stamping
  • interior book: paper 100gr with print
  • 128 pages
  • FSC® certified paper

traditional binding
handmade in Portugal


add + : purpose - trust - focus - peace

Planning provides us with a structure that helps us optimize our time. Helps us achieve and create new goals. Having an overview of time makes its division more real.

The act of writing on paper helps us focus, without distractions. The moment is between mind and paper.

subtract - : anxiety - concern - confusion - fears
Defining blocks of time, appointments and pauses renews our focus and maintains our productivity. Commitment to ourselves or to each other helps us maintain purpose. The feeling of crossing out outlined goals follows the day-to-day evolution.
Writing is a way of unloading information and serves as visual memory. It makes our lives simpler, more efficient, and more fulfilled.

Through small regular actions we manage to add purpose, trust, focus and peace. By antithesis, we subtract anxiety, confusion, concern and fear.

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