• Inusitado


    Inusitado is a portuguese brand of stationery that explores the relationship between... 

  • Midori MD notebooks aligned in a shelf


    The Midori brand is a Japanese stationery brand that began as a producer of... 

  • Common Modern

    Common Modern

    The Swiss brand 'Common Mordern' creates energetic collections of notebooks, notepads and... 

  • mishmash


    mishmash has a collection of minimalist stationery which includes best sellers notebooks,... 

  • Beija-Flor


    Beija-flor is a Portuguese stationery brand, with a strong connection to Portuguese... 

  • Fabriano


    FABRIANO is an Italian brand born in 1782. We fell in love... 

  • Trolls Paper

    Trolls Paper

    TROLLS PAPER is a Korean stationery brand whose products aim to serve both... 

  • Kinshipped


    Kinshipped was born out of both a stationery/greeting card fetish, and two... 

  • Moglea


    Moglea (pronounced MOH-GLEE) is a design & letterpress studio.  Based in Iowa, USA,... 

  • Undated agendas for 6 months. Small format.


    Iconic is a much loved stationery brand from Seoul, Korea.  They create products that... 

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Discover our new additions. Beautiful stationery from independent brands.
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" We believe beautiful stationery is made to accommodate smudges, unclear thoughts, and bad handwriting. "