Scribaci manifesto

We believe in the power of writing. Doodle mindless, it will help you to see clearer. Write to keep memories, they will come as a gift when you stumble on them. Scribble to pass the time, idleness brings new ideas. Jot notes to keep yourself organised, go for a walk with the time saved.

We believe in the power of slowing down. In mail stamps and love letters. In flowers drying in books. In old books smelling funny. In fountain pens and chunky pencil sharpeners. 

We believe beautiful stationery is made to connect people, to organize the day and to be a project starter. It is made to accommodate smudges, unclear thoughts, and bad handwriting. Pick a pen. Write a thank you note, you will make someone smile. Jot-down a bucket list. Write a letter to an old friend or a new one… Plan a trip. Scribble the shopping list. It doesn't need to be perfect.

Scribaci is inspired in the word Skibači, which means "to scribble" in Esperanto.

Our mission

We offer beautiful and functional stationery. We favor brands with a distinguished sense of craftsmanship, design and functionality.


Welcome to Scribaci!