Collection: Beija-Flor

Beija-flor is a Portuguese stationery brand, with a strong connection to Portuguese culture and illustration.

Created in 2011, initially in a more relaxed project with the talented Raquel Graça, it is since 2014 a more comprehensive challenge, led by Susana Gomes - woman, mother and designer.

In her own words:

I wouldn't exactly describe it as an authorial project, but the truth is that it is a reflection of my influences, experiences and tastes, so it follows a unique, delicate and simple language.

I create, without any kind of regularity or obligation, products that tell stories on paper - the ones from their origin and the ones they will hold later, in the hands of whoever gives them use and meaning.

I combine graphic design, illustration, typography, traditional printing and bookbinding processes, to the most varied finishes.

I value what is Portuguese, quality, detail and record, as history and memory.