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Leading many lives


If you could live long enough, how many careers would you pursue? How many experiences would you try? In what adventures would you embark?

This idea was shared by Riva Tez, in David Perell’s podcast “How I write”.

“I dream of many different careers, many different lives, different loves, many different renewals of myself. As if I was an immortal being who was able to experiment an explore across an endless timeline.” Riva Tez

When we cast our gaze towards the distant future, we often dream about the opportunities it could bring. Yet, when we turn our eyes inward, we may realize our generation is blessed with a lengthy lifespan. We have the future within our reach, and when we recognise this, the once unattainable opportunities become achievable.

This idea is not new. The bucket list, popularised by the film of the same name ('The Bucket List', 2007, with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman), was inspired by the list of things the screenwriter Justin Zackham wanted to do before he died.

This list does not need to be static, it can evolve as we grow. Even if we are not immortal, the years we have, if used well, allow us to tick the boxes and pursue those experiences.

The most significant challenge isn't our own mortality, but the abundant distractions in today's world. These distractions can erode the value of the extended years we're fortunate to have, risking them on inconsequential diversions.

I am profoundly drawn to this concept of leading a diverse life.

What about you? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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Photo credits: © The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation | via Art Institute Chicago

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