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Midori MD Paper Notebook Light B6 Slim Plain - Pack of 3

Midori MD Paper Notebook Light B6 Slim Plain - Pack of 3

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Unleash your creativity and indulge in the unparalleled writing experience with Midori MD notebooks. Designed by the renowned Japanese brand Midori, these sleek and portable notebooks provide a blank canvas for unlimited creative possibilities.

Crafted with precision and fountain pen-friendliness in mind, they offer an unpallelled writing experience. Their slim profile makes them the perfect companions for artists, writers, students, and professionals who crave inspiration on the  go.

With Midori MD notebooks by your side, you'll never miss an opportunity to capture your thoughts, sketches, or ideas. Elevate your writing journey and immerse yourself in the art of self expression.

Included in the list of Best Notebooks by the New York times. 




B6 | Slim profile | Plain | 48 pages x 3 pcs | Size: H175×W105×3mm | Supplied with stickers.

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