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Midori MD Notebook | B6 Slim | Plain

Midori MD Notebook | B6 Slim | Plain

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Experience the essence of unparalleled writing comfort with Midori Notebooks, where uncompromising simplicity meets fountain pen friendliness. Designed for professionals, writers, creatives, and journaling enthusiasts, these notebooks are crafted to enhance your writing journey and professional endeavors. 

Enjoy the perfect balance of form and function with Midori Notebooks' sleek design:  

The smooth, high-quality paper ensures a comfortable and enjoyable writing experience, whether you're taking meeting notes, jotting down important ideas, or expressing your creativity.

The lay-flat opening feature of Midori Notebooks allows you to effortlessly write or reference your notes without any obstructions. Whether you're in a meeting, at your desk, or on the go, these notebooks provide a seamless writing experience that accommodates your busy lifestyle. 

Midori Notebooks go beyond the ordinary. The cover of each notebook is designed to be writable, providing an additional canvas for your ideas. Let your imagination roam free as you personalize the cover with doodles, quotes, or reminders, making each notebook a true reflection of yourself.

Included in the list of Best Notebooks by the New York times. 



B6 slim | Plain | 176 pages | Thread-stitched binding | Bookmark string | Index stickers.

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