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impossible | weekly planner 09.2023 - 12.2024

impossible | weekly planner 09.2023 - 12.2024

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Organising a daily diary is an essential tool to turn the impossible into the possible and make the most of life.

By planning and structuring our tasks and commitments, we can gain control over time, avoid overload and reduce stress.

With a well-organised diary, we have a clear view of our responsibilities and goals, which allows us to prioritise activities, spend time on what really matters and achieve goals more efficiently.

the 'im' that separates the impossible from the possible is the determination to believe.

weekly planner 09.2023 - 12.2024

· annual view
· monthly goals
· list of things not to forget
· not-to-do list
· tracking habits

· dimensions: 13x20cm
· cover: paper 260g with yellow stamping
· interior book: paper 100gr with print
· 160 pages
· yellow bookmark
· FSC® certified paper

traditional binding
handmade in Portugal

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