A book to use all your senses

A book to use all your senses

"(…) prayer creates a silent, contemplative space where the soul has its place to speak."


The words form on the page as the voices play in our mind. Quiet, sometimes incredulous, rarely joking.

This is a book which uses all our senses. The music always in the background, the lyrics you pay attention to, the voices that come out from the pages, the physical act of highlighting passages or full paragraphs. It forces you to stop and meditate on what is being convened.

We witness a months long conversation between Nick Cave and Seán O'Hagan. It feels like entering a private discussion, from  an almost voyeur perspective. They talk about many things, like faith, aging,  death, friendship or the creative process. We listen. We node. We take notes. We are moved to find a quiet place inside our selves to think.


Faith, Hope and Carnage by Nick Cave and Seán O'Hagan; Canongate, 2022


Find further reading of this book in The Marginalian. Thank you Anita no Trabalho for showing it to me.

Nick Cave in Newcastle, 2022

Nick Cave in Newcastle, 2022. Photo extracted from The Marginalian.

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